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What is a Stand Alone Condo?

When you thinks of condo living you normally think of a downtown high rise or a nice garden style midrise sharing walls with your neighbors to the right and the left. Both of these condominium styles provide a great living experience for plenty of people but there is another type of condominium gaining in popularity and it’s ideal for anyone seeking the advantages of a single family home with the added benefit of living in a condominium community.


Five Things to Think About When Purchasing a Condo

Security. Many condos offer gated or secured entries, or even security specialists for residents. When you live by yourself, or safety is a worry for you, this can be a major incentive. Also, you are living in close vicinity with numerous other residents; in an disaster, you will have a lot of residents to turn to for assistance.
Amenities. Many condos off pools, fitness centers, and even game nights in the community clubhouse. Many condo groups offer people amenities that are out of reach for the regular homeowner.